Phoebe Turns 3

I wrote this about Phoebe last week while waiting in her room for her to fall asleep:

The other day Phoebe talked in great detail about what it was like being inside me and being born. She said: “I went into mommy’s tummy. I could hear my sisters. I stayed very quiet when I was in there and then after I went in I came out and I was born.”

We all sat there listening to her as she continued to describe it. We didn’t challenge her. We didn’t lead her as to what to say. She just calmly explained the sequence of events to her family.

Phoebe has become very aware of herself recently. She tells me how she feels. She explains to me when she feels sad and when she feels happy.  She’s been having a few tantrums where she will just scream non-stop, but it’s not the norm. They usually occur at around 4:30 pm when she is hungry and hasn’t napped.

I have finally figured out how to put her to bed. This is SUCH a relief to me because with my previous two girls it was a battle for two to three years after they learned to get out of their cribs. My girls would just not go to sleep and every night ended in tears and frustration after several hours. It was a special type of torture.  With Phoebe I worked out her afternoon naps need to be minimal. This does contribute to the 4:30 pm melt down but I’ll trade a 10 minute tantrum for a kid that goes to bed at a decent hour any day. By the time 8 pm rolls around she is exhausted. We read a book and I stay in her room answering emails on my phone with my back turned towards her until she falls asleep. It usually takes about 20 minutes.

Phoebe turns three next week. THREE! I haven’t had an actual birthday party for her yet. We had always done small family parties, but this year she requested to spend the day at the pool with her best friend so we’ll be celebrating this weekend with a few family and friends.

I must say that this third baby really changed me. She made me grow up. We could not afford a third child. I had no idea how I was going to handle the extra work that came with a third baby. But I did. We made more money. I worked harder. We figured it out and we are all the better for it because now we get to listen to a little girl explain how one day she went in her mommy’s tummy and then she came out and was born.

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ps. Phoebe’s first and second birthday

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  1. Bless you all. I really enjoy watching you and your family’s memories. Phoebe is adorable and is such a true joy!! Thanks for the wonderful stories. Keep em coming!! :)

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