Oh, hey there.

“You haven’t blogged for so long!”

This is what my in real life friends are saying to me now.

Some were wondering if it was just the Facebook algorithm messing with their feed.

Nope. I really haven’t blogged in so long.

I’ve missed creating here in this space and I’ve missed taking pictures of my children. This blog has served as a tool to help me keep tabs on the passing moments, but this past year has been such a whirlwind of activity with the renovation and Steve and I both working two jobs that honestly when I have any free time it’s spent cleaning, or working more or devoting attention to the girls.

If anything represents what my life is like right now, it would be my phone. It’s stuffed with skate videos and notes and texts and emails. I have 2,803 unread emails. Any time I need to take a picture I need to delete files to make space.

Life has just been so full we need to start deleting some things in order to make space.

But as I said at the beginning of this year, we are building a castle and it’s almost done.

Thankfully tonight when I tried to get a shot of Phoebe in the bath and my phone gave the dreaded notification that the storage was full, I got my big camera out. I sat down and watched her. I slowed down time. I took a breath.

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