You Are With Us In Our Dreams

Where are you? You should be here. You should be doing this with me. You should be seeing your grandchildren grow.

You are supposed to be helping me with my house. I need your input on my garden designs.

Why is it set up this way? Why does it happen that we have these bodies that can sever ourselves from each other? I don’t think it’s fair.

Sometimes what really gets me is we can’t watch the Mad Men finale together.

I still have your number in my phone. I pass it sometimes while scanning my contacts. It’s both comforting and annoying it’s still there. The reminder that I used to be able to call you whenever I wanted. I haven’t deleted it because, well, you know.

It’s been 4 years since you moved on. In that 4 year period a lot has happened for our family and a lot of personal growth occurred for me. I’ve gotten to the point I talk to myself and publish it online. It’s a little odd, but it’s working.

Chloe learned about 9/11 today. She was describing the planes crashing into the buildings and the explosions. She knew the exact number of people who died. She asked me where I was during 9/11 and what it was like. I told her I was with you when we watched the second plane hit on the news.

I did my best to tell her about what had happened that day while at the same time keeping myself from blurting out 9/11 was also the day my mom died. I don’t think she needs to carry the weight of the 2,996 people we lost and also be reminded of that fact she lost you too.

I wasn’t really prepared for her to learn about 9/11 today. I wasn’t prepared to learn you had developed leukemia as a result of the chemo that was supposed to have saved your life and cured your breast cancer. I wasn’t prepared to see planes fly into buildings 13 years ago.

I don’t think anyone is really prepared for tragedy, loss and heartbreak.

I wish you were here. I wish the victims of 9/11 were here.

My heart aches for the families who were affected that day 13 years ago.

My heart aches for Chloe and Ella who miss you so much and for Phoebe who never got a chance to meet you.

You are with us in our dreams.


Tuesday’s Tube

jennifer latch vlogger

Hey there, it’s Tuesday which means it’s time for my weekly round up of some videos we made or enjoyed this week.

First up, oh my goodness you guys! The skateboarding video I worked on with Braille Skateboarding has over 42,000 views. Woah. That’s a lot of people seeing me fall.

Have you guys seen this yet? Pretty funny.

I’ll round it out with Leandra and Jenna.

“I think I feel most powerful when my son actually does what I ask him to do.” Jenna Lyons

Oh, Jenna, I understand how you feel.

Are there any good videos I missed?

ps My blog turned two today!

There Was a Fight at My School

Hi, It’s Chloe here. A week ago I experienced a major fight in my classroom. At first I didn’t know what was going on. I felt scared and surprised about what was happening. We were just about to go to library when two boys got into an argument. Someone threw a punch and chairs were knocked over and some of my friends got hurt. I don’t want to talk more about the details of the fight because I feel I should protect the boys’ privacy.

When we got to the library one of the faculty spoke to us about what had just happened. We were all scared at first, but when we worked it over we realized why we were scared and calmed down a bit.

This made me start to think about how we should be more careful about what we say and if we feel we are starting to get into an argument we should just walk away.

I felt scared about going back to school but once I realized that the boys had worked it over with their parents and the faculty I felt safe again.

I think that the boys felt very scared and once their adrenaline started running they couldn’t stop. They probably didn’t know that they should have just walked away. Sometimes that’s hard.

After I got home and told my mom what had happened, she talked to me about human rights. We talked about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which was written after World War II because of all the bad things that had happened to people back then.

I decided we should start speaking about human rights and how we treat each other in our classroom. Many people don’t know what human rights are and sometimes that’s how fights occur.

I am going to be talking about our basic human rights with my class. I think it’s a good idea because once they know their rights they can stand up for themselves in that way and also help treat other people better by knowing what human rights are.

My mom and I are going to do a video series about human rights also. We are going to talk every week about the different rights and what they mean to us.

It’s been good at school. There have been no issues after that major fight. I think everyone is just a little surprised it happened, but everyone is doing fine and worked over the problem. I don’t think there is going to be any more fights for a long time.

I think from this experience I have learned more about what human rights are and how to stay away from fights, but sometimes I still yell at my sister.

Chloe Human Rights