The Playground Tube


The girls have gotten really into making YouTube videos, so it’s inspired me to start creating my own content as well.

Here a few videos we created or watched this week.

Love this from Jill over at Baby Rabies.

The girls did this in ONE TAKE.

I turned my blog post into a video.

This handled every so slightly my major Game of Thrones withdrawals.

That’s it for this week!

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The Human Experience

I walked out into the hot sun rushing to get inside once more for cool, air-conditioned, hotel lobby air. As I was staring at my phone notifications I looked across the road and the scene that was before me took my breath away.

It wasn’t anything special. It wasn’t a fancy new car, a celebrity, an art exhibit or anything that would normally cause such a stir. It was laughter. The laughter coming from children playing. Older kids taking care of the younger children as their mother looked on. Running and helping each other feel the simple joys of the water from the splash pad cooling their hot skin.

The capacity for us to love each other, to connect with each other and the potential to create a world of safety, compassion, freedom and understanding is there. Often it’s in the quiet moments. The late night whispers with a best friend, the pat on the back, the bed time stories or your friend laughing at your joke. It’s in the helping hand and the open ears. Quite possibly what could change the world is not the large sweeping actions, but simply our decency towards each other and our willingness to express that decency in creative and thoughtful ways.

The human experience and all that comes with it has the potential to be one of the most beautiful art forms that has ever existed.

It can be so incredibly beautiful.

The Human Experience

Eva Chen Made Me Do It


I have been a Lucky reader since they first launched in 2000. I remember the first issue on the stand at the Seven Eleven in Lincoln Park, Chicago. My eyes drew to it, locked and zeroed in like lasers. Lucky – The magazine about shopping. I was hooked.

Kim France was the editor in chief until 2010. That was also the year my mom died and I went into a 3 year blur of adjustment, mourning, change, had a new baby, more change, started blogging, more change and I kind of lost track of what was happening at Lucky. I knew they had hired a new editor, Brandon Holley, but I never really found the time to open it up. I was getting most of my inspiration on-line anyway.

About a year ago I decided to give Lucky another chance. I opened it up.

“Who the heck is this Eva Chen chick? Why does she have 4 pages devoted to the Editor’s page? Why are there pictures of her all over this magazine? She seems full of herself. What has happened to my dear old magazine?”

Well, I’ll tell you what has happened.

Eva Chen saved it.

The world is changing. Social media is taking over and the attention span of the average person is about .5 seconds. How do you stay relevant through all that noise?

You get smart, you get enthusiastic and you get happy.

Lucky had always featured their editors in every issue. It was in a way their trademark. Eva took that to a whole new level. You might say she hooked an IV to the lifeline of her soul and injected Lucky with Eva Chen magic serum. She then blasted it’s influence all over social media and web platforms (smart) while exemplifying a generally happy and approachable persona (genius).

So, what did Eva Chen make me do besides actually read her magazine for the first time in 4 years?

She made me buy really ugly shoes.

Birkenstocks started showing up in my Instagram feed last fall along with Tevas and other ugly shoes. I was tempted, but knew I wouldn’t cave.

But then Eva did this:

and this:

and this and this and this and this:

Oh, and topped it off with this:

I just couldn’t take it any longer. I JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM.

So… Eva, some of my friends have told me I have gone to the dark side, they say they won’t be seen in public with me. My husband took several hours to adjust himself and my fashionable nanny looked at me like I was nuts.

I just winked and told ‘em, “Eva Chen made me do it.”

ps. Don’t worry Eva, I am getting a pedicure tomorrow.