Grey Weekends

It’s been rainy and grey the past many weeks. After a year of pretty much sun daily and intense drought, the weather has been a nice and welcomed change. I wish we had a fireplace though. That would make it perfect.

Last weekend we made it out of the house for a few hours at the park.

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Jennifer Latch

Same Spot 365 Days Later

Every year we get the whole Latch Family together before Christmas to celebrate and exchange gifts. Until recently Phoebe and Sophia were the two youngest cousins. Sweet Emma was born last September and you can see the post when the girls first met her HERE.

Phoebe and Sophia have become close friends in the recent months. Now when they get together they play for hours! It’s been so awesome seeing their relationship develop and blossom.

Here are some pictures of them from last year and this year taken in the exact same spot on a sunny Sunday afternoon in December.



I just noticed my father-in-law Lloyd, is in the background in blue. He moved on this past April.

Time and bodies are wonderful and sad all at once.

Some chairs are empty this Holiday Season, but our hearts are full for those we have loved and for the friends and family we have with us now.

Jennifer Latch


I envy all of you who know exactly what you will be doing this coming Tuesday afternoon. For me, I may be staying late at work, heading to an audition or fielding demands from a 7 year old about who she can have a playdate with. I never quite know what the day is going to bring. I often receive audition notices the evening before and I tend to keep my schedule pretty flexible because of that.

One afternoon last week I found I had an extra hour on my hands. Our nanny, Chelsea was picking the girls up and she could stay a little later with them so I decided to try this new app called Massage Now.

MassageNow is a website and app to book same day massages at high end spas for nearly half the price. Last minute and cheap is the way I like to play things, so when Massage Now reached out to me asking if I would try out there app I was like, “Um… YES!”

MassageNow is currently San Francisco only and concentrate on the high end spas downtown near Union Square and the Financial District. How it works is you check into the app for the available appointments that day. Massages only cost $60 dollars with $12 for tip so $72 total for a full 60 minute massage normally costing anywhere from $80 to $120 plus gratuity.

Massage Now

You don’t know the location of your spa until you book it, but they curate their spas to include some of the best spots in SF.

I picked my time slot and waited for my confirmation email to be sent to me. Within a minute I had my confirmation for a 60 minute massage at Pure Organic Spa on Sutter Street

I hadn’t had a massage for a few years and it certainly felt long overdue after the past three weeks of stress I had over trying to find a new place to live.

I checked in at the front desk and picked my essential oil and filled out all the standard forms. I had my full hour massage which totally handled some center back tension, sipped on some green tea and then headed home to hug and kiss my girls and make dinner.

It was a great way to spend an extra hour that I unexpectedly had. There would have been no way of knowing the week before if my schedule would have allowed for it, so the convenience of a same day booking at nearly half the price was perfect for me.

I am partnering with MassageNow to give you a special code for 30% off your first massage and fast track sign up for the app. They actually have a waiting list to sign up right now but if you use my code you will be added right away to their data base. Massage Now is just in San Francisco so this is for local peeps only.

If you are interested, sign up by clicking here and use my code URBAN30 to sign up. The code is good through the end of January and you will receive 30% off your first booking. It’s a great app for busy people who suddenly have a little extra time on their hands to squeeze in a little self-care at a price that can’t be beat.

Click here and use the code  URBAN30 to bypass the waitlist and receive 30% off your first booking.

Disclosure: This post is not sponsored. I was given a free massage by MassageNow to try out their app. I will also receive a small percentage for first time bookings signed up through my site.