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At 7:58 last Sunday morning Steve and I arrived at the newly opened b. patisserie to see a line formed outside. They all looked anxious. One women looked as though she would shoot daggers out of her eyes if anyone cut in front of her. It was early, it was Sunday and b. patisserie had been running out of pastries all week due to the overwhelming demand.

The anxiety built even more when we went inside. I felt it myself. We were the first few people in the place that morning and when the people in front of me started ordering a huge box of kouign amanns (queen ahmans) I got worried. What if by the time I got to the front of the line they were all gone?

Can't you just feel the suppressed anxiety?

Can’t you just feel the suppressed anxiety?

I took a breath and calmed myself. Steve and I both got one. He realized I was right about these being the best pastries that have ever and will ever exist on earth and we thoroughly enjoyed every flakey, oohy, gooey, bite.

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail

While feeling quite happy I noticed the initial rush had slowed down so I took some shots. Belinda was working away cutting a quiche like it was a work of art with the precision of a ninja. The staff were warm, excited and eager to explain what each thing was. Then I noticed two girls taken behind the counter to wash their hands. “Ready?”, asked one of the pastry chefs.


I thought they had some inside line, were friends of Belinda’s, but no, they were invited behind the counter because they had been there three times in the past week when everything had been sold out. Their mom Wendy (AKA dagger eyes) got them out of bed early to ensure that they got their fair share and Belinda and her crew made sure they got a lot more than that.

I talked with Wendy, who is incredibly warm and nice. She has been living in the neighborhood for the past 18 years, raising her two daughters and seeing Divisadaro change and evolve over the years. She is very happy to have b. patisserie as a wonderful addition to her little section of Pacific Heights.

So are we Wendy. So are we.

Yum yum yum

Yum yum yum

b. patisserie is located at 2821 California off Divisadero

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