Sunday Morning Baby Pic

Last night Chloe called me from her sleepover and wanted to talk to Ella. We were at a party and Ella was having a hard time hearing her so I had Chloe give me the message.

“Tell her I really miss her and I can’t wait to see her.”

What? This from Chloe who usually looks forward to time away from her sister and explains to me how Ella is always bothering her.

Yesterday Ella also made sure to get a goody bag for Chloe at a party we were at. I thought at the time this was so Ella would just get two goody bags for herself. You know, a trick to get extra loot. I was so wrong. Ella made sure to set it aside and explain to me how she would give it to Chloe.

They do love each other. I was underestimating them.


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