Short Hair Diaries – Update and styling tips

I  cut my hair last month and the video I posted now has 2000 views. That is crazy! I guess this short hair stuff is something people are interested in, so I thought I would share some more pictures and another video.

Here are some of the head shots I had done in the end of March by my amazing friend Jeff. Hair and Make up were done by Christine Zottola Wheaton and you can see how we changed it up a little bit. She used a flat iron and a pomade. I never use a flat iron in my daily routine however.


It was growing long in the front so I had my stylist cut the bangs a little shorter and choppier. I also found that it had a kind of square shape on the sides that I had her blend a little more.

I still miss the longer hair now and then. I really miss top knots and ponytails. This short hair is amazingly easy though. It truly is wash, product, go.

What I think is going to take more time (and money!) are the amount of haircuts I want to get. That could really start adding up. My salon does free bang trims, but when I went in to get a “bang trim” I had her change a lot about the cut. I don’t think I can keep going in for free bang trims the next 6 months!

I am currently planning to trim up the back so it is longer up top but shorter along the neckline. Almost like Leonardo DiCaprio circa Titanic. You know… 90s skater boy.

Here is another little video I shot last night after I got all the girls to sleep.


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    • Thanks Stephanie, I am really happy how the headshots turned out and I learned a lot of make up tricks to make it look like I hadn’t just flown accross the country that day! I should share those soon.

    • Thanks so much Christine. I am so so happy your were available that night. Jeff and I were going back and forth trying to schedule. I can’t wait to get the bracelet… and congrats on your feature on the new pilot!

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