Sunday Morning Baby Pic

I was organizing my photos and came across this old shot. This is Chloe and I after a little ceremony we had to let her know what her name was and introduce her to her family and friends. She was about 7 months here.

How do you all store your photos? My little Mac is totally full now and I need to back it up and store all my shots somewhere but still have them easily accessible. Any tips?


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    • I had one downstairs! Just never bothered to learn how to do it. I got Erin to help me and everything is all backed up, upgraded and running great!

  1. We keep all our photos on an external hard drive (a USB hard drive). This has worked great for us and all our tons of photos. One thing we strongly suggest though is to back up that hard drive occasionally though. Just in case you spill coffee all over your hard drive or your daughter puts it in the toilet or the trash, you don’t want to lose all your family photos.

    • That is a great idea. After I did this post I had Steve’s son help me with the computer and we got it all backed up and cleaned up and it is doing great now. I also went into the Apple store and found out what I need to upgrade it so I should have this puppy running pretty fast with access to everything pretty soon!

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