The Carnival

Grease Sing-A-Long

You all know this scene. After all the drama, the angst, the worry and anticipation it all comes to a head at the Carnival and life is good again by way of some spandex and big hair.

A little while ago I wrote about the closure of the playground after school. This caused our little school a great deal of stress and opened the door to a bigger discussion about ways to make our school and community better. As it turns out the playground will remain closed for the rest of the school year. I decided to put aside my efforts to change this so I could concentrate more on finding other methods to create the community and fun for my children after and around school.

The Carnival was EXACTLY what we needed.

It was a cold and windy day Saturday, but walking around the campus and spending as much money as I could  on games and treats while my kids had a blast was perfection.

ps. Have you re-watched Grease? As an adult the jokes finally have a meaning that was completely lost on me when I was 8!

pps. I also made sure Ella got some good use of the “closed play structure ” while we were there. Because, ya know… that’s how I roll.

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