This weekend we fully cleaned out the closet and primed Phoebe’s room. It was amazing the difference just primer did for the space.

Steve and I are starting to get into the groove of these little house upgrades. Sometimes I think you just need to overcome the inertia of getting a project going and then it all becomes a bit easier to tackle. We were talking about Super Bowl Sunday and he actually said, “I don’t really want to host a party or go anywhere, I’d rather make money and work on the house.”

Yep… he is a man after my heart.

Jennifer Latch Blog Jennifer Latch Blog DSC_0146

On the floor nursing outside the room on a painting break

On the floor nursing outside the room on a painting break

jennifer latch blog

I think she likes it


You can follow along the nursery reno on my Instagram Account. It is possible we may have some exciting collaborations for the project (in the works… fingers crossed!) If it doesn’t work out you will see some epic Craigslist finds and thrifty refurbishing. In either event it will be fun.

I am tackling my relationship with this apartment one week at a time. 

A picture of our home every week for 52 weeks… you can see my first post describing this project HERE.


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