Ladybug Town

Ella and I were out on a walk just us.

I think time one on one with your children is so important. Ella started telling me all about her ideas on things and stuff she had done in the past that in her mind were “secrets” but were just the most hilarious stories about things she had done when she was little or what have you. I think I got the ball rolling when I told her last week the story of how I got in trouble for eating a pint of ice cream with my fingers! She’s been on a roll with expressing her emotions, telling me dreams and even things she remembers from when she was a baby.

While we were out she stopped walking and said “Mom!! It’s ladybug town!”

There were hundreds of ladybugs all over this plant. Ella loves bugs so we sat and watched them for quite some time.

This sixth year of this girl of mine is proving to be the best yet.

Love you Ella.





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