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A reader commented on one of my posts the other day, “I look forward to each and every one of your posts.”

Wow. I felt this weird mixture of pride, astonishment and disbelief. For the most part I create posts that I enjoy and try to consistently put out things that may be slightly interesting or somewhat funny, but it is always nice to get feedback like that. At least one person likes this blog. That’s enough to keep me going. (Hear that…? That’s the sound of me patting my own back.)

I thought I would share some blogs that I look forward to in the same way.

1. Mike Adamick Cry it out: Memoirs of a Stay-at-Home Dad

I posted about Mike when he released his book that has become the craft bible in my house. His writing style is so appealing and I especially love his posts about his daughter  and the way he weaves long lost memories, hopes and dreams into his prose. I read every post. He is a DIY god.

2. Katie’s Pencil Box

I don’t know how I found Katie, but I started reading her blog about a year ago. Her daughter is named Phoebe and is just a few weeks older than my Phoebe. Her blog is mostly images and a poem to go along with them. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. So beautiful. So inspiring and uplifting. She is also an amazing painter and I received a print she made for Christmas this year. I still need to find where to hang it.

3. Bleubird Blog

Before I ever even read blogs or knew anything about blogs I heard about James posting her family’s outfits and the huge following she had from my stepmom Joy. I’ve never met James or her children, but Chloe played with the older daughter of this family several summers ago. James and her husband capture the most incredible images of their children and their life together raising 4 kids in Nashville.

4. Oh Happy Day

If you love to craft and throw parties then Oh Happy Day is a must. If you want to feel inspired to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and tackle projects and make spaces beautiful, Oh Happy Day is a must. If you want to get a real feel of what the artists of San Francisco are like, Oh Happy Day is a must. If you want to get a feel for professional artists raising their children in San Francisco… yep, Oh Happy Day is a must. (They are also renovating a flat in SF! Total apartment envy. Seriously. This blog is a must)

5. SF Girl By Bay

I have no idea how this lady posts so much content or how she seems to find every image you want to see on home decor and pretty things. I miss some of the posts because there are so many, but her site is a rabbit hole of beauty and she is a blogger who will answer your questions and respond. I LOVE THAT. She gave the best advice to me on where to take Bucky for open dog run areas.

So there you have it. Those are the bloggers I love to read. There are a few more I have up my sleeve for later posts, but are there any I am missing? Let me know what posts you never miss or share your own blog. I would LOVE to see!

xoxo from San Francisco


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