Farewell 2014

Jennifer Latch 2014

As I walk up the hill on this last day of 2014 my mind races with all the things. All the day to day things I need to take care of swirl around the mental checklist kicked up by the dawn of a new day.

The San Francisco wind is blowing through all the layers I put on to prepare for one of the coldest days we’ve had all year. It feels as though it’s lifting my thoughts and twirling them like fallen leaves.

As the wind blows into the tiny openings of the fabric and reaches my skin and face the every day things are still twirling but there is a melody in the wind.

There is a wish, a dream, a determination. The wind is bigger than the day to day tasks and blows away the little things while the big things hold firm.

The big dreams and the mountain high goals of life can get beaten down by the wind of the passing years.

But on this hill during the last few moments of this journey around the sun and the marching drum of time, the wind has brought a dream to reach higher, think bigger, help more and live freer.

The winds of time can be both my enemy and my hopeful friend. Can I harness it and hold firm to my belief that everything can be started anew? Or will the years blow by with a fast gust leaving me suddenly aged with a blur of memories that passed so quickly they were never really felt.

My hopes, my wish, my determination for 2015 is that we all find ways to harness the wind and begin in some small ways to create some wind of our own.

Happy New year to you. Thank you for a wonderful blogging year. It really has been amazing and I appreciate you reading and engaging more than you know.

Let’s create a prosperous, happy and loving 2015. Let’s dream big and reach for the stars while still holding firm to those day to day moments that make up the fabric of our lives. The fabric that protects us from the elements of life that seek to blow us over.

Because in truth we create our own wind and life really can be started anew.

xoxo from San Francisco


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  1. Jennifer,

    This is beautiful and poetic and perfectly grounds me to the joys of past memories that enhances the perfection of the day I just enjoyed with my beautiful granddaughters and gives me certainty…that for this grandmother, who has already enjoyed a truly challenging, rich and love-filled life… the best is yet to come.

    You are a gifted writer, and I’m proud of you!

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