Last year I started a photo project to help me fall in love with my home. You can see my first post HERE. It lasted a little over a month and then we were flooded and the project got lost in the shuffle of dehydration machines and insurance battles. (More about that really rough week last February HERE.)

Although I started the photo project last year in an effort to find more things I loved about my home, as though there was something wrong with it, I ended the year with newfound admiration and thankfulness for our great old apartment and am so excited to breath new life into it this coming year with the renovation.

I decided this year I would do a photo project of taking weekly portraits of my daughters. Some other bloggers I admire have done portrait series of their children and I have just loved following along, so I thought it would be fun to capture the girls weekly and share it on Sundays.

This weekend we headed to the mountains and then down to Sacramento to spend time with family. I brought my camera, but the battery was left charging in the outlet at home, so a few iPhone shots will have to do for this first in the series of 52 Sundays in 2015.

Jennifer Latch

On Friday night we went out to the pub in the motel we were staying at in Strawberry. We shared ribs and an overdressed salad with nachos. It was a grubby meal followed by Finding Nemo in our room after a day of tubing. This girl helped us so much on the trip by taking care of her sisters and showing so much gratitude.

Jennifer Latch

Sunday morning Steve and I were on a hunt for strong coffee. We ended up at Ritual in downtown Sacramento. When I ordered Phoebe milk the server asked “do you want it steamed or just honest milk.” Despite it being cold Phoebe refused to put on her coat because the coat itself was cold on her skin. Toddlers.

Jennifer Latch

This girls is a tough, bloody nosed, hill-bombing, hand-standing push up warrior who still wants to hold her mom’s hand and sleep with the light on.

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