Flying without a safety net

Steve has been gone since Monday. It’s just me, the girls, our two cats, lizard and fish.

At first this was strangely liberating and exciting. Would I be able to take care of all that, plus our house as well as my job? It was like a challenge. It was nice to know that if stuff was not done it was no ones fault but my own. There is something freeing about the acceptance that no one else is going to handle it for you.

By this afternoon when I was running late picking up Ella from her after school program and driving across town like a maniac I spotted something else I was feeling. It was like I was flying through the air and I better make that catch or I would fall and there was no net to catch me.

How do single parents do it? How do people who run large corporations where so many people depend on them do it?

While the idea of going at it all alone is nice, kind of, I think it is important to build relationships with people you can rely upon and create a community who can help each other and be cognizant of what the other people may be going through. This makes me want to be nicer to people.

Who knows, maybe that week they are flying without their net.

The net at Trapeze Arts in Oakland

The net at Trapeze Arts in Oakland



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