Welcome Lady Pip!

When your dad travels for a good portion of the year and you somehow manage to help your mom take care of your little sister, keep your room relatively clean and have good manners most of the time, you earn some bargaining power.

You can use this bargaining power to get your dad to come with you to the SPCA.


You can further convince your father that he would just be an awful dad if he said no by giving him all your babysitting/modeling money and writing this:

He said yes of course while silently fearing he would be doing all the walking, all the poo duty and that it would be a disaster.

Lucky for him the girls were not lying in their note. They have gone above and beyond in their care for their dog and so far have held up their end of the deal.

I feel we are a little crazy adding a dog into our already very hectic lives, but what the hell, your kids are only 6 and 9 once and that note was pretty cute. Besides, who can say no to this face?


Thanks for joining our family Lady Pip! We will take good care of you.

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