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Michelle Workman, Phoebe’s godmother, was at my house a few months back. While we were eating sushi I noticed she could not keep her eyes off a painting in my dining room. She started asking me questions about it and determining my attachment to it. She varied her question a few ways and I am surprised she didn’t just take it right off the wall and head out the door.

Well, I managed to hold onto my beloved painting, but that night sparked a design idea for Michelle.

Several weeks later I asked Michelle if she would help me with the design of Phoebe’s little closet nursery. I was so happy when she said yes!

Blank Slate

Blank Slate

We were chatting and tossing ideas back and forth and the conversation came back to that painting. You see, I knew she was going to have this painting one way or another, so instead of it hanging in her house in Chattanooga, she was going to use it in one of her designs. Very crafty this woman, and I was of course ok with it too.

Michelle and I settled into a French Country Fair theme with a little bit or Moroccan spice thrown in for the space.

This was the day Michelle and I settled on this painting going in Phoebe's room. This was some further discussion on what to paint the walls over Instagram.

This was the day Michelle and I settled on this painting going in Phoebe’s room. This was some further discussion on what to paint the walls over Instagram.

So I had a crib and a painting. What was next?

I started searching the internet for ideas on where to get the other items for the room.

When my older girls were born it was all Pottery Barn, but to me their items had become a little too predictable. I wanted the space to be designed for Phoebe, but not be too precious. The room also had to transition her into her toddler years.

That’s when I found Land of Nod.

Oh my gosh you guys. Land of Nod. Their designers are pretty brilliant. Their items range from totally modern to classic, to everything in between. Whatever your design ideas may be, Land of Nod will have something for you. Also, if you don’t have someone like Michelle to turn to for advice they have designers who will help you design a nursery, room or play space that will be just right for your family. Their site and social media outlets are really interactive so they are fun to work with too.

I was thrilled when Land of Nod wanted to collaborate on this little space with us!

Here is a sampling of some of the items Michelle and I picked.


Top Row: Throw Pillow, Bedding, Pouf 

Middle: Shelves, Lighting, Rug

Bottom: Hanging birds, Doll, Garland

You can see more of the design ideas on Michelle’s Pinterest Board. (you can follow mine too… Here) I would love to hear your feedback or any ideas you may have.

While you are at it, go follow Land of Nod on Pinterest.

Oh and if Pinterest isn’t your thing, here are our Instagram accounts:  Michelle, Land of Nod, Jennifer Latch.

And if Facebook is how you roll: Our Urban Playground, Michelle Workman Interiors, Land of Nod.

(Shameless social media plugs I know, but I found out about Land of Nod through Instagram and they are a great group of artists)

I am really honored that Michelle and Land of Nod are collaborating with me on this little space for Phoebe. She is about 19 months past due for a space of her own and it was about time we handled that!

Up next is some new electrical work in the room, painting a dresser I bought on Craigslist and learning how to paint horizontal stripes on the walls.

Disclaimer: Land of Nod  supplied design items for this room and Michelle worked her design magic free of charge.


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