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A few weeks ago I went into the Need offices to meet with Justin and Blake to go over some ideas on getting their awesome new app some word of mouth. Need isn’t doing any fancy marketing. They want their app to grow organically so it is a genuine experience that actually helps people.

Justin’s wife Cate had come on recently to help them with this.

As I was sitting there listening to her ideas, which were brilliant, I became very interested in this woman sitting across from me. Even more so when I found out she was the co-founder of a pretty famous store here in San Francisco, My Roommate’s Closet. She had run it for about 10 years before selling it recently, having two babies and helping her husband form his tech start-up.

I knew I wanted to learn more about Cate.

We talked one afternoon about living in San Francisco. She told me some of her favorite activities with her family were just getting out and about and taking advantage of all the things this area has to offer. Great food, hikes and scenery. She talked of walking to the local bakery with her kids, grabbing a delicious snack and heading to Crissy Field. She talked about bringing her children to Napa. She basically talked about really enjoying going places WITH A BABY AND A TODDLER.

Wait, what? This amazing entrepreneur, gorgeous and fashionable woman has learned how to fully embrace getting out and about WITH KIDS?

I asked her to share some of her tips and this is what she said:

1.  Thinking ahead
When will he/she need to nap, eat etc.  Do I have all the necessary items (blankets, pacifiers, food.) Cate Grosch - Blog by Jennifer Latch
(Editorial note: the Tecate is likely not for the baby.)
2. A Good Stroller  
I am a big fan of the BOB stroller. The baby can recline and sleep in it (and feed on her bottle from a young age with a blanket propped underneath so hands free.) and if my son gets tired, he can sit in the footwell because it is big enough. This way I don’t have to bring a double-stroller. At 4 he wants to walk/run/hike but occasionally gets tired and this is an easy and space-saving solution.
Cate Grosch - Blog By Jennifer Latch
I also pack the Bjorn in the bottom storage of the BOB and if the baby is in the Bjorn, my son can sit in the BOB.
Cate Grosch Blog By Jennifer Latch
3. Teamwork
 I usually pack all of the items while Justin entertains or loads the children. When we both “pack” something always seems to be missing because we thought the other person was packing it. If he does one thing, I can focus and do the other in a time-effective manner.
Cate Grosch Blog By Jennifer Latch

Ready to Go!

4. Less is More
I am a big fan of the less is more. I don’t bring tons of stuff. Just the necessities: wipes and a couple of diapers, water and some snacks, and a jacket for both of them. When we go to the beach or on a hike it is only a 2-3 hour excursion. It doesn’t make sense to spend half as much time packing for the outing.
Cate Grosch Blog By Jennifer Latch
If we have an accident, I always keep an extra set of clothing and a first-aid kit in the car that we can use.  I don’t even bring a diaper bag, I just store a couple wipes and a diaper in the bottom of the BoB with the other items I mentioned.
Hope this helps!
Cate Grosch
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(Can we please all note that she sent all that from her iPhone, likely while mid 10 other things. The woman has skills.)
Cate Grosch Blog By Jennifer Latch
Thank you so much Cate for the great tips and for sharing this special part of your life with us.


Anyone else have good advice on how to go out with young children and enjoy it?

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