Cool Parent – Tiffanie Turner

A few years ago I met Tiffanie. She was handing me a flyer to join the PTA. I think my refusal and look of accidental horror made her avoid me for a good two years.

At some point she realized I was alright and we became friends.

We now hang out more on the internet than we do in real life, she has a wonderful blog, but sometimes we have some quick conversations during school pick up.

Tiffanie Turner is an amazing artist. She’s one of those artists who just throws themselves head first into their work and creates and creates and creates some more. She often sacrifices sleep to meet deadlines because with two kids the only time you have to work is when they are asleep.

One of the many talents she has is the creation of huge- HUGE – paper flowers. Right now she is having a show of them at Rare Device.

I had never been to Rare Device and it’s worth a trip in it’s own right. It is a perfectly curated store of home goods, jewelry, and sweet gifts for children. They have a gallery wall and it is currently featuring Tiffanie’s flowers.

Tiffanie’s show “Heads” is having it’s opening night this Friday from 5-8pm.

We have a family engagement that night so I went with Chloe on our way to dance to see the flowers in all their sun soaked glory.

“It was so inspirational. It makes me want to do art.” – Chloe, age 9.







Rare Device is located at 600 Divisadero St at Hayes. (It’s also next to the new Bi-Rite so get yourself an ice cream cone after visiting the show!)

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