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I love Instagram. It is my favorite social network. I love the community. I love the compassion. I love the humor. I love that no algorithm alters my feed and I am able to stay connected with friends near and far. I also love gaining inspiration from some amazing creators.

I thought I would share some of my favorite Instagram moms I follow in the Bay Area. There are so many talented women here.

1. Stephanie Rausser (@StephRausser)

Steph is a kick-ass professional photographer and her feed perfectly captures behind the scene shots, hilarious perspectives on teenagers and her innate sense of play.

2. Tiffanie Turner (@TiffanieTurner)

Amazing paper artist? Check. Burlesque Dancer? Check. Loving mother? Check. Incredibly kind and emotionally available feed? Check. Go follow Tiffanie now.

Oliver is standing in. #paperflowers

A photo posted by Tiffanie Turner (@tiffanieturner) on

3. Felicia Gallagher (@Through_The_Blue)

Just a cool mom raising two kids on Nob Hill while drinking way too much Philz and announcing the coming arrival of indie rock bands to San Francisco sporadically in her feed.

The moon over Nob Hill last Tuesday night. #lunar #sanfrancisco #baybridge #nofilter

A photo posted by Felicia Gallagher (@fel__gal) on

4. Jeanne Chan (@ShopSweetThings)

Inspirational photos but not so much so that they’re annoying. I’ve only met Jeanne in person once, but she gives an instant kindness that travels through her online work as well.

This makes me wanna watch Full House reruns, always. #sf

A photo posted by Jeanne Chan (@shopsweetthings) on

5. Erin Feher Montoya (@ErinFeher)

She is the editor of Red Tricycle Bay Area and she and her husband are opening a woodworking studio for kids in San Francisco. SO. MUCH. YES.

Just some gals at a beautiful Monday afternoon wedding at a penthouse in the Tenderloin.

A photo posted by erin feher montoya (@erinfeher) on

6. Kate (@StyleSmaller)

Sometimes I can’t even handle the cuteness of this feed.

A photo posted by Kate (@stylesmaller) on

7. Katie Hintz-Zambrano (@KatieHintzZambrano)

Quite possibly the coolest mom in San Francisco.

Thankful for this chunk.

A photo posted by Katie Hintz-Zambrano (@katiehintzzambrano) on

8. Jessica Shyba (@MommasGoneCity)

Ok… So maybe Santa Cruz isn’t quite in the Bay Area, but how could I not include Jessica and her sweet family? If you don’t follow her already I don’t know where you’ve been. Under a rock?

Slow goes it on this perfectly lovely Monday. #theoandbeau

A photo posted by Jessica Shyba (@mommasgonecity) on

9. Liz Stanley (@SayYesBlog)

Richmond mamma and power blogger. She’s recently been doing these outfit posts that I strangely obsess over.

A photo posted by Liz Stanley (@sayyesblog) on

10. Sarah Hebenstreit (@ModernKids)

I have been following Sarah since before she had her sweet baby. Her feed is as calming as it is joyful.

11. Gabrielle Blair (@DesignMom)

Six kids. SIX. Gabrielle creates a beautiful, personal and creative feed. I have never met someone who is so interested in the person she is speaking with.

The people I love the most.

A photo posted by Gabrielle Blair (@designmom) on

12. Tracy Benjamin (@TracyShutterbean)

She’ll make you crave avocado toast like whoah. She also captures morning light like no one on the internet.

13. Erin Hiemstra (@Apartment_34)

Pregnant with her her first baby and styling like a boss lady.

A photo posted by Erin Hiemstra (@apartment_34) on

14. Kristen Philipkoski (@Stylenik)

Gorgeous. Lovely. Real.

15. Maia McDonald Smith (@DesignConundrum)

Maia comes off so sweet and nice in person and then you see her work and what she can do and you’re like… “Oh, I get it now, you’re a powerhouse.”

16. Jennine Jacob (@TheCoveted)

I first met Jennine when we spoke on a panel together last year. Little did I know this woman who was wearing a full-length jean overcoat was one of the original fashion bloggers.

Taking the boy to all the fancy parties around town. Regram from @katiehintzzambrano at the @longchamp party.

A photo posted by Jennine Jacob (@thecoveted) on

17. Melissa (@SavvyInSanFran)

Cute kids, lovely scenery and makeup. What more could you ask for?

A little afternoon at #traintown in #Sonoma! #vscocam

A photo posted by Melissa (@savvyinsanfran) on

18. Me (@OurUrbanPlay)

It’s my list so…

Who did I miss? Leave the link to your favorite feed or your own!

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  1. Thank you for posting this; I’ve been looking for more San Francisco/Bay Area Mommys to follow on Instagram.
    You’re at the top of my list when it comes to favorites.
    :-) (Tiffany @_ratedtiff)

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