A Fun Easter Commercial with The Oriental Trading Company

I had the so much fun a few weeks ago on set for The Oriental Trading Company. I played what I usually play in commercials, a mom. But I played one of those moms who is on top of everything and who turned her house into an Easter Eggstravaganza.

The day started with make-up.

Jennifer Latch


Jennifer Latch


We shot many takes and the special effects team had to clean up all the confetti  and eggs each time!

For another easter spot half of the pool was filled with eggs!

A pool full of eggs

His bunny butt got pretty wet but he enjoyed floating in eggs eating a chocolate bunny while sipping some juice.

A pool full of eggs

The team from Oriental Trading Company were super nice and very excited to be creating such a fun spot. Their 15 second commercials have about 3.5 million views! I have known the production crew from Teak Motion Visuals for 7 years and it was great to work with them again.

Commercials are fun because they are like little bursts of creativity that just last a few days. Everyone is usually upbeat, at least in the Bay Area they are. I can’t speak for the LA peeps.

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