Highs and Lows

Today was quite a day.

1. I woke up this morning seeing the horrible images of the damage and heartbreak caused by Sandy.

2. I was happy to receive a text back from my dear friend in New Jersey that she was safe.

3. My shower broke and is spraying water all over my bathroom.

4. I lost a pound.

5. I blew my hair out because I had an audition today and it went much faster than normal. I have lost so much hair after the baby. I have a receding hair line.

6. My audition went great.

7. Phoebe had not one, but two huge explosive up the front and back diapers today, more laundry

8. I got my Rebecca Minkoff bag in the mail!

Thank you so much Rebecca and Baby Buggy for giving me this purse!

9. I Discovered Chloe has lice and spent 3 hours handling it including washing and vacuuming everything.

10. My husband came home and cleaned the kitchen and helped me get the kids to bed. I get to sit here now and write this while Phoebe is swaddled and he plays his guitar.

Today was a day of highs and lows, but compared to what is happening in other parts of our country my day was easy. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

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