Bits and Pieces of our Urban October

October seemed to go by in a blur and now it’s November and just two more weeks until Thanksgiving!

I finally got a chance to sit down and review last months photos and I have chosen some to share.

We start the month strong completing the shoe rack.

Steve buys a new guitar from Craig’s List that he is very happy with.

Steve playing with the new feature on his iPhone

Steve tells me there used to be tons of Parrots in this park. They even made a documentary called the Parrots of Telegraph hill. I make it through about 10 minutes of the documentary before passing out.

Trip to Chicago

While I am gone Ella convinces her brother to buy her Stompies which she then looses later that day at Outside Lands Festival

Which one is Ella’s and which one is mine…..

The saga of laundry continues

Lessons with dad

Rock on

Ella helping

Chloe reading away

Chloe does more Girls on the Run. “I know what is best for me” Like if someone says let’s smoke cigarettes, I say no.

In San Francisco we wait in line to get into the grocery store

Photo by Ella


Steve teaching his son Erin how to ride

Day in Golden Gate Park

Free day at the Academy of Sciences for our zip code

Academy of Sciences

I thought maybe the Teletubbies were going to come out

Watching the Giants win it all at swim class

Another day in Golden Gate Park

Morning on Filmore

Blogging while watching the Giants kill it

Favorite shot of Phoebe this month

Lunchbox notes

We took 5 kids to dinner and survived


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