City Life and a New Novel

“Do you have a garbage bag? How about an egg?”

“Could the girls come to you if they need something while I take Buck around the block?”

We live in a building with 4 units. Our neighbors are all our close friends.

It’s urban communal living at it’s best. Well… maybe not at it’s best, I am sure we could compost more, grow our own vegetables in the little back garden, work out a barter system and have regular Sunday meals and sing songs…

I think I am happy with being able to borrow an egg for now.

Last Friday we had a party for the release of my neighbor Andy Holmes’ new novel, The Tenth Muse. We are all very excited for Andy. The book is available right now for purchase on Amazon. GO BUY IT!

The party was really fun and it was great to be able to put Phoebe to sleep and just hang.The Tenth Muse - Andy HolmesJennifer LatchJennifer Latch

Andy and his wife Chloe and baby Lena.Jennifer LatchJennifer Latch

Have you played this game? It's called Heads Up. It's Ellen DeGenereses app and it is really fun.

Have you played this game? It’s called Heads Up. It’s Ellen DeGenereses’ app and it is really fun.

Jennifer LatchJennifer LatchJennifer LatchJennifer Latch

Ella working with pro-skater and youtube sensation Aaron KyroJennifer LatchDon’t forget! Download Andy’s book!

ps Phoebe took her first few steps that night too!


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