Spousal Exit Prep

Steve has been gone a lot this year. He left Sunday for what we hope will be his last business trip for a while.

Here are some tips for you if your husband or significant other is heading out of town:

1. Start the day with a nutritious breakfast. If your husband is going to be gone I strongly advise eating french toast to help with the impending loss.

Jennifer Latch

2. Wear his shirt for the day and then take selfies because doesn’t that make sense?

Jennifer Latch

3. Train your baby to clean.

Jennifer Latch

4. Organize your desk. It will look like a tornado hit it by the next day but at least you will have fond memories of it’s brief beauty.

Jennifer LAtch

5. Buy flowers for a family dinner. A study was done and happy people have fresh flowers in their house.

Jennifer Latch

6. Spend some quality time together.

jennifer latch

7. Take pictures of your kids while he packs.

DSC_0035 (1)

8. Plan the show you will watch while he is gone.

Jennifer Latch

9. Eat a great dinner.


10. Go over plans for household upgrades. In our case, the new backyard designs.


So there you have it folks! My 10 trusty tips on how to survive your husband leaving. At least for the first day.



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