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Children are beautiful.

Children are kind.

Children are brave, scared, courageous, loving, volatile, and alive.

Children have the ability to grab onto your heart and make it swell with joy.

Children have the capability of changing our world.

They are our future. They are our hope.

It is in them we trust that this world will continue to turn and that they as future leaders of this life on earth will do right.

For our children we must raise them with kindness, with love, with morals, and with a sense of vigor, love and respect for life.

Our children may trick us. Make us think they are lesser than they really are with tantrums, back talk, secrets or lies.

Despite these tricks, continued kindness and love is key because with that their true self can really shine through.

Children are not there to be yelled at, made less of, ignored or told how wrong they are.

Children will forgive though.

Some may raise to states of power, or even fame, but more importantly are the everyday acts, the kind acts. The help to a fellow friend, the creation of art that makes society feel alive, becoming parents themselves, planting trees, the growing of food, the care of animals, helping others and all those things that make this society go.

Children have potentials that cannot even be fathomed.

From my view, children are the real superheroes of this world.Jennifer Latch Blog


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