Phoebe’s Room Post 1

It is time to get Phoebe her own room. She sleeps in a pack-n-play in our room right now and usually ends up sleeping with us.

She has not been getting a full solid night sleep since we were in Hawaii. She tends to wake up when we enter or leave the bedroom and I just think she needs her own space now.

There is a room in our apartment that is a kind of strange closet with two doors. Steve was using it for a home office/closet. He doesn’t really need the office space now, so we decided to turn it into a room for Phoebe.

There is a lot of work to be done, but I am excited about it.

The first step is to move all the stuff and organize a new space for all of Steve’s things.

One thing I want to do is ensure I create a toxic free space for Phoebe. There is some peeling paint in there right now with lead paint in the under layers. It needs to be sealed properly.

Once the room is fully cleaned up with the walls properly sealed it will be onto the fun parts! Phoebe’s godmother Michelle will be helping me with the design. I am so excited.

Do any of you know good websites for organic and toxic free nurseries and homes? Any must read posts about handling lead paint?

Here are some of the before pictures.

20131125-202503.jpg 20131125-202442.jpg 20131125-202454.jpg 20131125-202527.jpg 20131125-202538.jpg 20131125-202550.jpg

Phoebe tonight in her pack-n-play.


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