Can You Teach A Mom To Skateboard?

aaron kyro braille skateboarding

Aaron Kyro

I met Aaron Kyro a number of years ago when he first moved to San Francisco from Montana. A little while later he founded his company Braille Skateboarding. HeĀ produces videos that teach anyone how to skateboard with exact steps that make you better and more skilled. He calls it learning skateboarding on a gradient from simple to more and more difficult.

He is always busy producing his content, but I sort of bullied him into teaching me how to skateboard by filming him saying he would and posting it on YouTube.

So early on a Saturday two weeks ago I met Aaron and his crew down by the Civic Center and I had my first lesson.

aaron kyro braille skateboarding

aaron kyro braille skateboarding

I am certainly not doing any tricks yet, but I can at least go more than 20 feet without falling. The next thing I need to do is just practice pushing and riding. I also need to set up a balance board so I can improve my balance at night after the kids fall asleep.

Have you ever learned a new sport as an adult?

aaron kyro braille skateboarding

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  1. I could never get the hang of skateboarding… and even tried to cushion the falls by stopping in grass. About a year ago, I took up Muay Thai boxing and I love it. I’m almost 42, and have never been in better shape!

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