Daylight Savings


I love “fall back” daylight savings. I never run into an issue with my kids sleep schedule getting messed up and the Sunday after is always really productive. Somehow that extra hour does some magic thing to our day. Maybe I should put in an official 25 hour day change proposal to the government of the world. Maybe then I will be able to get all the laundry done.

A lot of my friends were talking about how badly they¬†hate¬†daylight savings. Toddlers’ schedules were thrown through a loop. Parents didn’t sleep a wink and even if they did, they were still tired. It’s as if the internal body clocks were slimed.

I think I have a harder time the week after the clock falls back. Mostly because the sun starts to set around 4:30. The days are getting shorter and shorter and my ability to go outside with the girls after school goes splooey.

We decided the other night to do a little video about daylight savings and indoor activities.


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