For Phoebe

for phoebe

This weekend the Blue Angels were flying through the sky and when they would fly especially low you would grab on to me and say, “I scared.” When they were up higher though you would announce, “Airplane!!”

I thought I would get down some details about you and how you are growing and what you are doing now.

You love chocolate. You love your sisters. You sneak chocolate, usually from your sisters.

When I go into your room in the morning you jump up and down with so much excitement.

Your favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but we only have one episode so you just watch that one again and again. I know all the words to it by now.

You are jumping all over the place right now. You will climb up onto high surfaces and jump off. It is a little scary sometimes and you have had a few tumbles, but for the most part I love watching you challenge your body to do fun things.

I have had a harder time getting a balanced diet served to you. You hate veggies right now and would eat only toast, apples and salami if you had it your way.

You are saying so many words and sentences now. It’s shocking sometimes the words you know and use.

Phoebe you are growing so much right now and bringing the people around you so much joy. I am really lucky I get to know you and it’s even better that I get to be your mom.



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